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Renting Partybag: an Italian summer favorite

Mai 6, 2019

As summer approaches people are more and more willing to go outside and outdoor events are thriving. From larger scale concerts, sport competitions, arts and literature contests, guided tours of monuments and nature landscapes, to more private but still very enjoyable happenings. Who doesn't like an outdoor barbecue for example, or a surprise birthday party, or the wedding of a good friend? In all these cases a Partybag may come handy indeed... or even more than one!

Since the very beginning of our activity it has been very clear to us that many events, big or small, very serious or just plain fun, can be made more special with our Partybag, and somebody always required us some Partybag for rent. So we began to provide this service, at first directly and then also through our reseller network, and during the years our products proved themselves to be not just colourful speakers for casual music lovers, but also professional solutions with all the features and the reliability required for an ongoing rental activity.

It quickly became routine for us to provide one, two, 4, even tens of Partybags for a special weekend or more. Marathon events organized by Italian Radio Deejay in Milano and Bari featured massive numbers of Partybags scattered along the track, cultural events promoted by Elastica in the streets of Bologna used Partybags on bikes and carts, student parties and travel/events organized by ScuolaZoo were and still often are powered by Partybags (operating in a harsh testing environment as you can imagine), side events at the latest Formula E Grand Prix in Roma also had Partybags on the back of skaters running around the track.

That's just a few examples, but even more than these large scale happenings we are proud to help making a huge number of small events special in their own kind: marriage ceremonies and parties featuring wireless Partybag systems, outdoor dance and yoga demonstrations, skate/BMX contests, religious processions and happenings, even a simple barbecue in the countryside can become something different. So many stories, so many different people, a solution for each of them! That's why in Italy renting a Partybag has become popular and other countries are catching up too.

Do you need to rent a Partybag? Check our Contacts page for the nearest available shop!

Do you have a shop or a rental company for events, big or small? Contact us and join our network of fun providers!

In any case, enjoy the incoming summer!


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